Shareholder Letter

Dear Fellow Pareteum Shareholders,

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support as we drive Pareteum forward.

In recent days our share price has been negatively impacted by a coordinated attack by short sellers. We fully understand that short selling is legal and it is an important part of the capital markets. That said, certain short sellers have used questionable tactics, including leveraging the media to misrepresent facts and make anonymous spurious claims against the company and its officers.

Every one of us at Pareteum is fully dedicated to upholding the highest standards and reporting requirements of a public company. We categorically deny the allegations put forth. We do not intend to legitimize those reports by delving in to them. 

Pareteum has experienced tremendous growth, and we continue to grow in a healthy and measurable way.  We are confident in our strategy and mission – to connect every person and every(thing)™. Today millions of people and devices around the world are connected using Pareteum’s Global Cloud Communications Platform, enhancing their mobile experience. Every day more people and devices are being added to our platform.

We will not be distracted.  We continue to focus on operating our business and generating strong financial results.  We believe executing on this plan will ultimately create significant value for long term shareholders. 

We will report our Q2 results in early August, and look forward to speaking with you then.

Again, I want to thank all of our shareholders for their continued support.


Hal Turner

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

About Pareteum

Millions of people and devices are connected around the world using Pareteum’s Global Cloud Communications Platform, enhancing their mobile experience. Pareteum unleashes the power of applications and mobile services, bringing secure, ubiquitous, scalable, and seamlessly available voice, video, SMS/text messaging, and data, media and content enablement to our customers, making worldwide communications services easily and economically accessible to everyone.

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